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I have expressed my personal opinion on the web.


Very interesting site and forum.. For a rare exception, are considered plastic and resin kits.



Very interesting site and forum. In the mass considered a model of plastic and resin.



An interesting site on the history of the Russian Imperial Navy. For each ship written, are photos and diagrams. The mass of additional articles in the course of the war 1914-1918, a lot of biographies of admirals. At the moment it is the most interesting and informative site on Fleet Russia the First World War. All articles submarine taken from the book "Russian submarines."



 Interesting article on the submarines of Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. All articles written VLASOV Vitaly Petrovich.


The site, a photo album. It is modeled on the U.S. site and likeness. Mass photo ships Russian Imperial Navy. Photos taken from different sources, different qualities. Very useful site.



Stupid site, I could not find anything useful. 



Very interesting site devoted to the German boats of World War II. There is information on submarines WWI.
Excellent information, but no illustrations, charts are very primitive. There are mistakes - http://uboat.net/wwi/types/index.html?type=UB + I site crawled by the scheme from the book Rosslera, it was a clear mistake.



An excellent site for the Navy Austro-Hungarian Empire, would highly recommend.



  Very interesting site with models of ships of the Austro-Hungarian navy.



  An excellent site for skorbnuyu theme - a list of all the victims of German submarines, and each boat is given a list of crew members. Kosyaki all the same - http://www.denkmalprojekt.org/U-Boote/uboote_wk1/wk1_ub03.htm Without going into details, people laid out naskanennoe from all of the same Rosslera, there are no pictures of the class.



  Cool site with all the major fleets фотками world (Myanmar, I was not found). You can track the ship on the types of ships in each fleet, it is very easy to understand that - who is who. Less - фоты can buy, but do not increase.



  Amazing site with drawings of the French ships. There are drawings and submarines.



  Very interesting site on our submarines. Detailed history of each type, describes the construction and operational use. Less - no charts, no photos.



  Excellent photo of British (and not only) ships.



  Great site with excellent фотками American (and not only) ships of all time, including the period of the First World War.



  Smart website on the history of the German state. Highlighted the participation of the German fleet in the First World.


http://www.gwpda.org/naval/n0000000.htm # bac

  Very interesting site with material on the war at sea in 1914-1918.



  The site of the Italian fleet, including the period of PC.



  A beautiful site on the history of the First World War at Sea.



  A beautiful site on the history of the First World War at Sea.



  An excellent site with links to sites on the First World War.



  Beautiful, very carefully done, a Russian-language site on the Austro-Hungarian Empire.



An excellent site for a British submarine.

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