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French armoured cruisers Dupleix, Desax, Kleber

Displacement:   7700 tons.

Dimensions:      130m – 17,75m – 7,4m

Machinery:      24 Belleville boilers (except KLEBER 20 Niclausse); 3-shaft VTE, 3 screws; shp 17,000;

speed 21 knots.

Coal: 880 tons (normal), 1200 (max including oil). Radius (nm):    6400/10 knots.

Protection: Harvey nickel. Belt 102mm waterline, 38mm below waterline; Deck 65 - 40mm;

Turrets 100mm - 50mm; Conning tower 150mm.

Armament:  8 - 164-4mm (2 x 4), 4 - 100mm, 4 - 47mm, 4 - 37mm, 2 - TT.

6 – 0,60m searchlights.

Complément:     19 officers, 551 crew (+5 and 33 as flagship)




DUPLEIX   Rochefort DY                              1898-1900-1903


DESAIX   Penhoet, Saint-Nazaire                   1897-1901-1904


KLEBER  Ch. de la Gironde, Bordeaux           1898-1902-1903


DUPLEIX was in the Far East from 1910 and attached to Admirai Jerram's squadron at Hong Kong in August 1914. On August 21st, 1914 captured the German collier SENEGAMBIA and cargo boat FERDINAND LAEISZ, both intended for supplying Admirai Graf Spee's squadron. She escorted several troop transports between India and Suez and took part in the search for the EMDEN. In May 1915 she was in the Mediterranean and shelled Boudrum. Suez Canal opérations in 1917. She was unlisted in 1919 and scrapped 1922.


KLEBER was launched entirely complète but damaged her bottom in the process and remained in shipyard hands until November 1902, then suffered teething troubles up to the end of 1903.

In 1914 she was assigned to the 2nd Light Squadron in the Channel and Bay of Biscay. She went to the Mediterranean in May 1915 and later to the Dardanelles where she stranded and refloated under enemy gunfire May 29th/31st, 1915. Repaired at Toulon, she sailed to the Aegean where she shelled enemy shore installations. July 7th, 1915 she was seriously damaged in collision with a British cargo boat off Mudros; repaired at Mudros until October. In 1916 she was in the Eastern Mediterranean, later refitted at Bordeaux then flagship of the 6th Squadron based at Dakar. 1917: While returning to Brest, was mined in the Iroise (mine laid by UC 61) and sunk with the loss of 7 officers and 35 men (June 27th, 1917).


DESAIX in 1914 was on patrol in the Channel until December 1914 when she left for the Mediterranean. In 1915 took part with REQUIN and MONTCALM in the defence of the Suez Canal then joined the 3rd Squad-

ron for the Syrian coast patrol. In September 1915 she was rescuing Armenians in Antioch Bay. In 1916 joined the 6th Squadron at Dakar. Her 100mm guns were removed in 1917 for the defence of merchant ships and two 47mm were fitted as AA guns. In 1918 she relieved GLOIRE in the West Indies for Atlantic patrol and in 1919 was in the Far East. Stricken June 3Oth, 1921, she was sold for scrap in 1927.


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