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Sous-marin Curie, 1/350

History wrote - Felix Bustelo  !

Curie (Q 87) was a member of the Brumaire class of double-hulled submarines, which consisted of 16 boats (Arago, Bernouilli, Brumaire, Coulomb, Curie, Euler, Faraday, Foucault, Franklin, Frimarie, Joule, Le Verrier, Montgolfier, Newton, Nivose, Volta). The Curie was built at the Arsenal de Toulon and launched on 18 July 1912. The Brumaire class was essentially a diesel-powered version of the Pluviôse class of steam-powered boats.  Both classes were designed by Maxime Laubeuf.  Arago, Faraday and Le Verrier were fitted in 1916 with either 1-75mm or 1-47mm deck gun.  All boats in this class spent World War I in the Mediterranean.  The Bernoulli was the only member of the class to score a success when on 4 April 1916 she broke into the naval base at Cattaro and blew the stern of the Austrian destroyer Csepel.  She was eventually lost to a mine on 13 February 1918.  Le Verrier accidentally rammed the German U-47 on 28 July 1918.  Foucault was sunk off Cattaro by Austrian aircraft on 15 September 1915.  Joule was mined in the Dardanelles on 1 May 1915. Curie was captured on 20 December 1914 after she infiltrated the base at Pola.  She was commissioned by the Austrians as U 14 and fitted with 1-88mm deck gun.  After the war, she was reclaimed by the French. In 1917, 6 boats were to be converted to minelayers but the plan was soon abandoned.  The surviving boats, including the reclaimed Curie, continued to serve in the French Navy into the next decade with the Brumaire the last to be stricken in 1930.

Displacement: 397t surface 551t submerged

Dimensions:  52.1m x 5.14m x 3.1m or 170’ 11” x 17’ 9” x 10’ 2” (length/beam/draft)

Machinery: 2-shaft 4-stroke 6 cylinder engines plus electric motors 840bhp/660shp

Speed: 13 knots surfaced – 8 knots submerged

Range: 1,700 nautical miles @ 10 knots surfaced, 85 nautical miles @ 5 knots submerged.

Armament: 1-450mm (17.7in) torpedo tube in the bow – 6-450mm torpedoes (4 Drzewiecki drop-collars, 2 external cradles abeam conning tower, total 8 torpedoes)

Complement: 26

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