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Submarine-type Walrus

 First over the past 17 years, honestly written (and not the copy of the previously published) book on the Imperial Navy submarines. By a very interesting, a lot of schemes, a lot of photo. Issued in 2006, with a circulation of 600 copies to sell its long-standing not envy me - in my library, it is!

Submarine-type Bars

 Good photos of submarines, bad schemes, poor quality books.

 Die unterseeboote Osterreich-Ungarns

 By Wladimir Aichelburg. This two volumes - the source of Austria-Hungar, all that is written yet, no more than kampilyatsiya from this book. The book is very detailed, more than it does anywhere else on Austria-Hungaria not. It is on sale at the modest www.abebooks.com for 794 bucks!! (and this is only the second part). Thanks to friends, the efforts that I have this book.

 U.S. Submarines through 1945

 Major work Norman Friedman, very good book. The detailed genesis, decent layout and good photos. All in great detail, it is the most informative book on U.S. submarines before 1945, would highly recommend.

 Russian Submarines

 By GM Trusov. In fact, from the book Trusova - Submarines in the Russian and Soviet navy used selectively text, and the book is another book Mr Arbuzov. Lots of great pictures first submarine fleet of Imperial Russia

 Russian submarines until 1918

 Publisher's Bastion. The book is presented as a guide to the Imperial Navy submarine. Weight schemes submarine as decent and not very, a lot of hitherto unknown submarine project, photo weak frankly. Highly recommend it as a reference.

Submarines in the Russian and Soviet Navy

 By GM Trusov, began to serve in the Imperial Navy on submarines, finished serving captain of the second rank in the Soviet navy. The book describes the history of submarines in the Russian Imperial and Soviet fleets, particularly interesting description of the ice hike and actions already Soviet submarines in the years 1918-1919-1920. Apparently, this book is used by many authors over the lateness of the hour as the source.

Knights of the depths

 By E. A. Kovalev. The book describes submarines the Russian Imperial Navy until 1918. Detailed book - the history of the creation, development and operational use.Photos anddrawings are of poor quality.

Russian Submarines

  In this two-painted all the submarines built before 1918, all boats have a good scheme and poor quality photo. Highly recommended.

U-boats of the Kaiser's Navy, Publisher Osprey, New Vanguard Series

 The book is an example of what should not be buying! Figures do not have anything to do with actually existing submarine. Do not buy, I bought and regretted.

Geschichte des deutschen U-Bootbaus, Eberhard Rossler


Deutsche U-Boote 1906-1966, Bodo Hercog

 The book is entirely devoted to statistics, the First World, Second World, post-anything. 20 poor quality photos and small images of submarines.

Die UC-Boote der Kaiserliche Marine 1914-1918, Harald Bendert

 The author of the book a professional historian, raspisal on the clock combat all submarines of the type of UC. There is a pattern of all theaters of fighting with the descriptions, there are photos of almost all submarines UC.

Die UB-Boote der Kaiserliche Marine 1914-1918, Harald Bendert

 The author of the book a professional historian, raspisal on the clock combat all types of submarines UB. There is a pattern of all theaters of hostilities and descriptions, there are photos of almost every submarine UB.

Die deutschen U-kreuzer und Transport U-Boote, Eberhard Rossler

 The book describes in detail the design, construction and use of submarine cruisers and submarines transport boats. There is a good scheme, a few photos.

Die Unterseeboote der Kaiserlichen Marine, Eberhard Rossler

 An excellent guide to the German submarines period 1906-1918 years. There are descriptions of all types of boats, given the original scheme for all types of submarines, there are lots of photos. The most informative book on the blueprints.

The U-Boat, Eberhard Rossler

 An excellent reference book on German submarines from 1906 to 1976. Detailed design of the appliance, construction, a bit of military service. The mass of different schemes, a lot of great photos. Translated from German into English very badly. A lot of inaccuracies.

U-Boote im Duell, Harald Bendert

 The book is a professional historian, detailing all the sinking of the submarine submarine in the two world wars.

SM UC-71, Claude Frohle & Hans-Jurgen Kuhn

 The excellent book is dedicated to UC 71. Detail the way this battle boats, literally minute. The mass of photos, excellent cleared out the original draft and interesting modern underwater photos of the boat, it found near Helgoland and going up.

Die Handels-U-Boote "Deutschland 'und" Bremen ", Hartmut Schwerdtfeger & Erik Herlyn 

 Very interesting book about the design, construction and application of these two transport boats for other purposes. Details are described Deutschlanda hikes in the U.S. and vice versa. Many rare photos, newspapers of the time, the documents - related to these events.

Die Unterseeboote der Germaniawerft, Dr. Hans Techel

  The book is written by a doctor of technical sciences Hans Teshelem, coordination was the director of the shipyard "Germany in the First World War. Describes the principles of construction of the submarine, described the device of all its machinery and equipment. The book is beautifully illustrated with diagrams. This copy is in Central Military Maritime Library.

Enciclopedia of British Submarines 1901-1955, Paul Akerman

 The book describes in detail all the submarines to the British in 1955. All boats are bad drawings, photo no.

HM Submarines in camera

 An excellent photo album on the British submarines from the first boat to the underwater missile. By the photo captions are clear what the boat shows.

British submarines of World War One

 The book in a series of Warships fotofax. Photos of British submarines of World War II. For each picture gives a clear sign.

 Royal Naval submarines 1901-1982

 An interesting guide to the British submarines, there are schemes, there is a picture, a very useful book.

 British Submarines of the Great War, Edwin Gray

 British submariners have been the best in the world. They won and carried out many feats. A lot of mistakes.

Mediterranean Submarines, Michael Wilson & Paul Kemp

 The book detailed the submarine war in the Mediterranean Sea in the years 1914-1918. We describe all the known events, and there are lots of details, not previously encountered. There are some very interesting pictures.

Marine-Arsenal № 42, Die Unterseeboote der K. u. K. Marine

 The book is a well-known series of Marine-Arsenal, gives a good overview of the submarines Austro-Hungary. Excellent photo, primitive pattern, a good description of each submarine.

SM Unterseeboote, Georg Pawlik & Lothar Baumgartner

 An excellent photo album of the Austro-Hungarian boats, small articles on each submarine.

Austro-Hungarian Submarines in World War I, Zvonimir Freivogel

 A very interesting book published in Croatia in two languages - Croatian and English. Excellent scheme submarines, other than the description, but bed photos.

Torpedo PAL!, Jiri Novak

 A nice primer on the Czech language kratenko describes the activities of military divers Austro-Hungarian Empire. Decently illustrated. No sensational revelations, it does not.

Sous-Marin en France - tome 1, Gerard Garier

 A wonderful book which describes in great detail the formation of the French submarine fleet, the design, construction and operation of the first submarine. In many photos, a lot of schemes and for each boat are original drawings.

Sous-Marin en France - tome 2, Gerard Garier

 A wonderful book which is very detailed design, construction and operational use of submarines from Des Emeraude to Charles Brun. In many photos, a lot of schemes and for each boat are original drawings.

Sous-Marin en France - tome 3 / 1, Gerard Garier

 A wonderful book which describes in detail the design, construction and operational use of submarines from Clorinde to Diane. In many photos, a lot of schemes and for each boat are original drawings.

Sous-Marin en France - tome 3 / 2, Gerard Garier

 A wonderful book, which describes the participation of French submarines in the First World War. Lots of photos, many schemes.

Sous-Marin en France - tome 4, Gerard Garier

 A wonderful book which describes in detail the design, construction and operational use of submarines to Joessel Jean Corre ex-UB 155. In many schemes, a lot of photos for each boat are original drawings. The book describes all the submarines from France on account of reparations, and included in the composition of its fleet.

Sommergibili Italiani tomo I, Alessandro Turrini & Ottorino Ottone Miozzi

 The first volume is very informative on a two submarines Italy First and Second World Wars. Articles on the development of submarine shipbuilding in Italy, the article for each type of test, TTH, photos of each type, small circuits on each boat and excellent drawings for the boat Delfino and type F. This is the First World. According to the Second World boats the same, but the drawings more classrooms, almost every type.

L'Opera di Cesare Laurenti, Alessandro Turrini

 The book explains in detail about the activities of the chief designer of the Italian submarines of World War II. Details, with excellent diagrams and drawings, described all of its projects submarines and more. The mass of photos.

Austro-Hungarian warships of WW I, Rene Greger

 Reference korabelnomu fleet Austro-Hungarian Empire in the First World War. On every ship there TTH, date built, kratenko service. For each class of ships is given photos of this ship type.

French warships of WW I, Jean Labayle Couhat

 Reference korabelnomu composition of the French fleet in the First World War. On every ship there TTH, date built, kratenko service. For each class of ships is given photos of this ship type.

Underwater War 1914-1918, A. Michelsen

 Transferred from the German language and published in 1940, the description of the submarine war years 1914-1918. A couple of schemes of fighting, a bit of very poor quality photos, a few tables. The author considers the underwater warfare in all its aspects. The original was published in Germany in 1925.

The submarine peril, John Dzhelliko

 Translated from English and published in 1937, the book describes the view of Admiral Dzhelliko for underwater warfare from the perspective of the Grand Fleet and the commander of the First Lord of the Admiralty, and it is - as was the struggle against German submarines in 1917. Original was published in 1934.

Operation submarines Volume 1, AP Alexandrov, I. Isakov, VA Belli

 In the book, the authors reviewed the experience of the submarine war in the years 1914-1918 in all aspects. Weight schemes of hostilities, the mass of statistics. Issued in 1933.

Dovr patrol, Roger Bacon

 Admiral Roger Bacon almost the entire war commanded by Duvrskogo patrol in the book he describes the actions of British forces in the English Channel.

The German submarine warfare, R. Gibson and M. Prendergast

  Translated from English book "The German Submarine war 1914-1918", published in 1935 and reissued in 2002. The main points of the submarine war, discusses all of the most notorious events associated with submarines. In the 1935 edition of the book are 40 pages of statistics and explanations, one card A3 North Sea and English Channel. The second card size larger than A3 with other theaters of fighting. In 2002, the publication of any maps and charts are no longer just text and statistics in truncated form.

Submarine Great War, AE Taras

 The second book from chetyrehtomnika Minsk of "Harvest." This book is a opisalovo fighting, construction of submarines, the mechanisms TTH. Weight schemes, the mass of photos, all the disparate, nadergano from various sources. The information is often incorrect, due to poor acquaintance with the author as writing. As a primer, it is even nothing.

Submarines in the operations of the Russian navy in the Baltic Sea in the years 1914-1915, AV Tomashevich

 A wonderful book, published in 1939, describes in detail the actions of submarines in 1914 and 1915 years. Lots of charts, a lot of statistics, there are photos of poor quality. It continued.

Submarines, M. Lobef and G. Straw

 Translated from the French book "Sous-Marin" first published in Paris in 1923. In Russian book published in 1934. The book is written Lobef, chief designer of submarines of France in the years 1914-1918. Describes the principles of construction of submarines, described all the mechanisms used in boats, TTH, a lot of mathematical formulas, a lot of excellent schemes mechanisms, several photos are of poor quality.

British submarines in the Baltic Sea. 1914-1918 years, D. Kozlov

 The book describes the military activities of the British divers, consisting of the Baltic Fleet of Russia. This book is a collected under one cover article of the same author published in the journal Flota-Master. " The book is well illustrated, although there are some jambs, there are several schemes of combat zones. In "Notes" are interesting documents and statistics.

Alarm! Tauchen! Werner Furbringer

 Memoirs of a German submarine commander. First published in Berlin in 1933, printed Gothic, illustrated with photographs from the archive of the author. By all won in the war of Flandrskoy fleet consistently commanding UB 2, UB 39, UC 17, UB 110.

FIPS Legendary U-Boat Commander, Werner Furbringer

 Published in 1999 in Annapolis with a German translation of the book above Alarm! Tauchen! Pictures of the same, but not all.

Auftauchen, Hans Rose

 The book is written by a very famous and renowned commander of the submarine. Font Gothic, published in Hamburg in 1939. Illustrated with beautiful drawings Clausa Bergena, contains several schemes of attack enemy ships boat U 53 under the command of the author.

U 38 Wikingerfahrten, Max Walentiner

 Memoirs of a well-known commander of the submarine. Font Gothic, published in Berlin in 1934. The mass of photos from the archive of the author.

U-38, Max Walentiner

 Memoirs Valentinera issued in 2005, the Polish publishing house Finna. Text and photos in the previous book. There is a lateral projection U 38, and why is the Austrian U 5.

Uwaga torpeda! Pal! Wilhelm Marschall

 Memoirs of the famous German submarine commander, issued in 2005 by publishing house Finna. Outstanding photos from the archive of the author, shows scheme UB 105, and the scheme of the Austrian U 14 signed as UC 74.

Do ostatnego salutu Banderze, Georg von Trapp

 Memoirs of the most famous submariner the Austro-Hungarian Empire, published in 2005 by publishing house Finna. Photos from the archive of the author's side scheme U 5, U 14 and the scheme of one of their trips U 14.

Six years under water, Johann Shpiss

 Memoirs of a submarine commander. Published in Russian publishing house "Brockhaus-Evfron" in 1929.

At the submarine off the coast of England. Ernst Hashagen

 Memoirs of a submarine commander. Issued in Berlin in 1931. Rather, the transfer and the first publication in Russian have been made in the thirties. In 1998, re-edited anthology "The ships and battles."

Pirates of the Kaiser

 A very interesting issue, one of the first written and published in the nineties already enthusiasts and not raznaryadke like in Kharkiv. The authors made a brief illustrated history of the submarine war. For its time it was a breakthrough, and now read with interest, because it is not a simple listing of events, but try to tell something new.

Essays on the fight against submarines, A. Travinichev

 The author describes all aspects of anti-submarine warfare on the experience of the First World War, a lot of schemes, the photo is very poor quality.

The experience of the submarine war years 1914-1918, A. Travinichev and A. Tomashevich

 The book describes the main events kratenko submarine war. The main emphasis is on ways to combat submarines. There are interesting patterns of various antisubmarine devices, mines, nets, bombs.

The development of submarine operations in the war years 1914-1918, A. Stahl

 The second edition in 1937. The author describes in some detail the progress of the submarine war, referring to all known cases of armed clashes. Describes the actions of each type of German submarines. Weight schemes.

Operation German-Turkish forces in the years 1914-1918, German Lorey

 A very interesting book, first published in Germany in 1937. The author describes in great detail the practices of the Turkish Navy, Gebena and Breslau. Very detailed and accurate description of all the German submarines operating in the composition of the Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean. The mass of details, a lot of schemes of hostilities, there are photos, but as the budget. Very recommend.

 Submarines of His Majesty, PK Camp

It is tendentsioznaya knizhulya by highly exalted to the skies British podplav of all time. We describe the first and second world as well as Folklendskaya war. But interesting to read. Many events skewed in favor of the British. There are photos, but the quality is not ah. The value of the books in that it lists all the dead British boats showing the cause of death, given TTH and schemes for all the British boats of both wars.

Submarine-type K, D. Everitt

 A very interesting book, rasskazyyvayuschaya the British steam submarines type C. The text is a very, very interesting photos of very poor quality, the book provides слабенькие scheme for all the British submarine fleet during the first world, together with TTH. And as a bonus - all the British submarine died in the PC, indicating the reasons for the deaths.

The submarine Dolphin

 An interesting booklet, there is only one drawback - all schemes show the boat before it was rebuilt on the results of the first Test.

British submarines of World war I, Published by Osprey, New Vanguard Series

 Очередная мурзилка от Osprey, как всегда англичане первые везде и во всём.

Navy e Marinai Italiani

 Many Pictures of the Italian Navy the First World War. Very interesting and very rare. 

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